Free Coffee for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Wed 17th February, 2021
Multiple locations
Price: Free
Specialty coffee pioneer Campos Coffee is celebrating with a large act of kindness: 70,000 free coffees across all its partner cafes around the country.

There are two things Campos Coffee founder Will Young believes can help spark meaningful connections: kindness and a daily cup of coffee.

Last month, Campos surveyed more than 1000 Australians and found more than a quarter have shouted coffee for a stranger, and more than 75 per cent said they would, just because.

Inspired by the results, Campos is shouting 70,000 free coffees for Random Acts of Kindness Day, with help from its hundreds of partner cafes around the country.

The offer covers all hot coffee options and milk alternatives in small size (eight ounces).

Find your nearest Campos partner cafe here.