Every Night of the Week

Mon 1st June, 2020 – Thu 31st December, 2020
This Instagram account is full of jargon-free, laid-back recipes for people who don’t like recipes.

Food stylist Lucy Tweed works freelance, so she’s usually cooking during the day. Then she heads home and cooks dinner for her family of five every night, which she shares along with laid-back, jargon-free instructions that’ve become her signature style on a dedicated Instagram account called @everynightoftheweek.

Many of us upped our home-cooking game when restrictions kicked off – and conveniently, many seasoned chefs turned their Instagram accounts into makeshift cooking channels. Some of those chefs shared their recipes with the assumption that their followers have some basic cooking knowledge – allowing them to fill in the gaps and adapt at home.

But Tweed’s been posting recipes this way for years.

“It lets you feel as if it really doesn’t matter if you forgot to put salt in or if you’ve had one too many G&Ts and can’t remember exact recipes,” she says. “It’s cooking in the chaos that is a home kitchen.”

Her recipes – if they can be called that – reflect the loose, easy nature of her cooking. Here’s one for beef brisket tacos:

“A sweet slab of fatty brisket was tossed about in a super slurry that was so precise my 2yo compiled most of it.”

“Spices were selected by colour and the dosage was liberal. Or inconsistent at best.”

“Cumin, coriander seeds, dry oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, smoked paprika, can of crushed toms, brown sugar, slurp of malt vin and a sliced onion.”

“Lid on (tight n heavy guys), oven 150, lowered to 100 at some point, all day. 7 hours, probably.”

Tweed’s Instagram posts assume you’re across the basics, but if not, don’t be discouraged – you too can master this style. Here are her top tips:

The most important: always let your meat get to room temperature before cooking. It’s just as crucial to getting a nice, juicy bite as resting it after cooking. Another is to have a range of marinades and sauces in the fridge for easier prep – and to add an extra kick of flavour if you need it.

Lastly, plan ahead and don’t be afraid of a lengthy process.

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