Mon 13th July, 2020 – Tue 29th September, 2020
Price: $10
This mind-bending, immersive audio experience – from the team behind terrifying shipping-container shows Séance and Flight – places an imposter in your home. And it will have you looking over your shoulder.

British theatre company Darkfield has staged two terrifying, claustrophobia-inducing shipping-container shows in Australia – Séance, and Flight. But it’s most recent project Double, in collaboration with Melbourne's Realscape Productions, is a little different.

Presented on Darkfield Radio, it’s a very-slightly watered-down, audio-only version of the blacked-out container experience. Perfect if you prefer having the shit scared out of you from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mobile phone, a pair of headphones, and one other person.

Using a 360-degree, binaural sound recording, the show explores the psychiatric disorder Capgras Delusion, which causes you to believe a loved one has been replaced by someone identical. (Broadsheet recently took part in the very unsettling experience – read more about it here.)

In early August, the season was extended to September 30 after Double was announced as an official selection for the Venice International Film Festival, in the Venice VR Expanded category.

Double runs on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It is not suitable for persons aged under 15. Tickets are $10 each.

More information here.

This article was updated on August 5 to reflect the extended dates.