Deliveroo Beach Delivery

Wed 2nd December, 2020 – Sun 28th February, 2021
The Beach
Scored a primo spot on the sand but got hunger pangs? Don't budge – Deliveroo will bring your order to your towel.

If you're ever found yourself splayed out on your beach towel, the perfect distance from the water with a good patch of shade, you'll know it's not easy to heave yourself up to go and find food, lest you lose your spot. Deliveroo, enter stage right – it's turned on its "beach-delivery" service for the summer.

Set your drop-off location to one of the nation's beaches, and your food will be brought directly to your towel. The deal gets even better if you feel like a burger – spend $20 or more at Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co until December 6 and you'll get both free delivery and a bonus tube of Bondi Sands sunscreen.

More information here.