Deciem Blackout Friday

Thu 28th November, 2019 – Sat 30th November, 2019
Various locations and online
The beauty brand is saying no to frantic consumerism this year and approaching the sale season a little differently.

While brands across the world are discounting their products for Black Friday (a post-Thanksgiving sale tradition in the US that’s recently gone global, thanks, in part, to online shopping) beauty brand Deciem is mixing things up a little. It’s completely closing its stores and website on November 29, in response to the rampant consumerism (and environmental impact) of Black Friday sales.

Instead, for the rest of the month (except for November 29), Deciem will be discounting every product on its website and in its stores by 23 per cent. By doing this, the business hopes to encourage people to shop slowly and mindfully, instead of panic-buying cheap products they might not actually need.

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