Darkfield Radio: Knot

Fri 25th June, 2021 – Thu 30th September, 2021
Price: $35
This mind-bending, immersive audio experience – from the team behind terrifying shipping-container shows Seance and Flight – unfolds in three locations over one dramatic evening.

Australian company Realscape Productions and British's Darkfield have staged terrifying, claustrophobia-inducing shipping-container shows such as Seance, and Flight in Australia. And when the country went into lockdown, it brought the experiences to our homes via audio.

After making its debut as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, a new season of Darkfield Radio has landed. Knot is another immersive, audio-only experience, this time unfolding across three different locations in one night. It's designed to be experienced individually – all you need is a mobile phone, a pair of headphones, and your digital ticket.

Take a seat on a park bench for the first episode, then hop into your car for the next instalment. It culminates inside your house – perfect if you prefer having the shit scared out of you in the comfort of your home.

The three intersecting, interwoven episodes revolve around a single event, with a cyclical story "tied up like a knot with no ends" that questions the inevitability of our experiences.

Knot runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm AEST. It is not suitable for persons aged under 14.

More information here.