Darkfield Radio

Thu 21st January, 2021 – Sun 31st January, 2021
Price: $11.40 – $21.65
This mind-bending, immersive audio experience – from the team behind terrifying shipping-container shows Séance and Flight – will have you looking over your shoulder. There are three to choose from.

British theatre company Darkfield has staged two terrifying, claustrophobia-inducing shipping-container shows in Australia – Séance, and Flight. But these three experiences are a little different.

Presented on Darkfield Radio, they're very-slightly watered-down, audio-only versions of the blacked-out container experience, using 360-degree binaural sound recordings. Perfect if you prefer having the shit scared out of you from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mobile phone, a pair of headphones, and one other person.

Double explores the psychiatric disorder Capgras Delusion, which causes you to believe a loved one has been replaced by someone identical. (Broadsheet recently took part in the very unsettling experience – read more about it here.)

Visitors sees a dead couple inviting themselves into the audience's home, looking for a temporary solution to their permanent condition. And for Eternal, a quest for eternal life inspired by Bram Stoker's classic Dracula it's best experienced alone – in bed.

All three shows run on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It is not suitable for persons aged under 15. Tickets are $10 each.