Dan Hong’s Cooking Show

Wed 1st April, 2020 – Tue 30th June, 2020
The Sydney chef has turned Instagram into a makeshift cooking channel. On the menu: “self-saucing” cheeseburger spring rolls, Chinese-style fried rice, slow-roasted beef short rib and more.

As at the restaurants he oversees as executive chef of Sydney restaurant group Merivale (including Mr Wong, Lotus 2.0, Ms G’s and Queen Chow), Dan Hong’s home cooking combines big Asian flavours with clever techniques.

On his Instagram page you’ll find recipes for unpretentious dishes such as grilled cheese and confit-garlic toasties; “super-crispy” gyoza; fried chicken; prawn toast; and lobster “ma goreng” (a take on mi goreng).

A 10-minute how-to for linguine with XO sauce and king prawns uses packet pasta and pre-made sauce, but will teach you how to make a quick ginger oil using shallot tops and ginger rind (“garlic, ginger and shallots are like the … Asian mirepoix,” explains Hong).

Plus, find the recipe for Hong’s McDonald’s-inspired cheeseburgers here and “self-saucing” cheeseburger spring rolls here.

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