Clear Jigsaw Puzzles

Fri 1st May, 2020 – Thu 31st December, 2020
Melbourne animation studio Yelldesign has created a range of diabolical puzzles with transparent pieces. Say goodbye to your sanity trying to assemble one that resembles shattered glass.

The team at Melbourne animation studio Yelldesign has started producing puzzles.

You may recall the studio’s colourful 2016 stop-motion video series Papermeals, which turned home-cooking videos into an origami-esque art form.

Its latest product – a series of tricky puzzles made out of transparent acrylic – is a fun alternative to the traditional 1000-piece ordeal you may have been subjecting yourself to in recent weeks. (Each to their own puzzle, though).

There are three laser-cut jigsaw puzzles, each requiring a different level of skill (or perseverance).

The Virus ($58), a circular 91-piece puzzle with a single, fluro-green puzzle-piece nucleus, is the entry level. (But say goodbye to the anchor of the corner piece.) Then there’s The Fish Tank ($78), a deceptively diabolical 160-piece puzzle with a single orange fish.

The Accident ($98) is the largest, most challenging puzzle, with 215 unique, completely transparent pieces with uneven edges in a range of sizes. When assembled, it looks like a shattered glass window.

More designs are on the way (including smaller puzzles to complete over a cup of tea), but the first three have already been a hit. The studio has shipped more than 500 locally made puzzles across Australia and the US.

More information here.