Campos Coffee Virtual Masterclass

Fri 24th April, 2020
Learn how to perfect your piccolo and land your latte every time so your coffee game doesn’t suffer while you’re staying home.

For those of us who are missing perfect pours from our favourite baristas and are already over the sickly sweet Dalgona coffee craze, Sydney’s Campos has an antidote.

The specialty coffee pioneer, which has cafes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and whose beans are stocked in cafes across Australia, is now expanding into your home with a free coffee masterclass streamed on Instagram.

Run by Campos founder and coffee connoisseur Will Young, the interactive live class will focus on everything you need to perfect your at-home coffee technique. Young will be sharing his expertise through tips and tricks, as well as trouble-shooting questions for viewers.

Follow Campos on Instagram to find out what you’ll need ahead of time, then follow along live on Friday from 8am. But if you miss that, don’t worry. Campos will be saving the recorded class to its stories for future viewing.

This is a masterclass, so if you need a refresher on basics like pouring espresso shots, texturing milk or creating latte art, it’s recommended you learn the foundations through Campos’s other Instagram tutorials before class is in session. They’re available via the brand’s Instagram TV.

Follow the class here.