Broadsheet Editions Photographer, Kate Shanasy, Presents A 3D Virtual Exhibition You Can View From Home

Fri 16th October, 2020 – Fri 18th December, 2020
Virtual Exhibition
A Melbourne photographer has gathered a crew of friends and creative affected by the Covid-related restrictions of 2020 for an online exhibition and virtual celebration.

“This isn’t the exhibition I thought I’d be putting on this year,” says Kate Shanasy. The Melbourne photographer originally planned to exhibit On The Rocks, her collection of summery coastline prints, at Oh, Loretta! back in April. Of course Covid sunk such plans. “On the Rocks initially explored the rocks and minerals of each location with a few cocktail photos thrown in to play on the theme,” she says. “But now the title’s meaning has shifted to symbolise this precarious year. In many ways, it’s much more exciting now (and unusual).

Now fashioned into a virtual experience situated in her home studio, On The Rocks showcases 30 limited edition prints of idyllic coastlines (Broadsheet Editions is currently exhibiting nine of them). The 3D virtual tour shows scenes from Shanasy’s 2019 summer in Europe, spent capering the rocks of Corsica, Sardinia, Portofino and Cinque Terre. They’ve been paired with earlier photographs from a 2018 visit to Iceland’s black sand southern coast, recent shots of The Prom’s red boulders and squeaky white sands, and a couple of crimson cocktail prints.

The exhibition was spurred by Shanasy landing a long-sought after creative space of her own. A vacated room in a sharehouse presented an opportunity to convert it into a photography studio.

“I’ve always dreamt of having my own creative space,” says Shanasy. “[It gives] freedom to push the boundaries and the chance to collaborate with others.”

Using powerful 3D technology, On The Rocks has been reimagined into an immersive digital experience hosted by Shanasy at her Northcote home studio, but accessible via a portal on her website. The virtual tour showcases Shanasy’s framed prints to accurate proportions (with tools to interact with such as the virtual tape measure) displayed with five other exhibitors to explore the theme of On The Rocks – and how it reflects the havoc 2020 has wrought on so many creatives.

These include floral installations from Madeleine Vizard of Hellian Petal, who lost her job at a talent casting agency in Sydney and moved back home to Melbourne, and Lara Fisher (with partner Andy Kepitis), who began a custom-made tiled plinths and furniture business – after losing her (then) dream job in copywriting. Homewares label, LOPE Home presents its new colour range of handblown glass pitchers.

There’s also Italian crustacean-inspired recipes from Mia Coady-Plumb, head chef of Oh, Loretta!, which will be viewable as interactive recipe cards via the 3D platform. And Liam Alexander, co-owner of Colour Club, which has also been dramatically affected by the Covid-related restrictions, will present a special DJ live set for the launch night.

“I think it’s fair to say we’ve all been rattled by Covid, especially in Melbourne,” says Shanasy. “But I’m hoping this idea sparks some motivation for revival. I’d feel on top of the world if it helped someone else get their project off the ground.”

The online digital portal to the On The Rocks virtual exhibition unlocks at 5pm, Fri 16 Oct and runs until midnight, Fri 18 Dec. See details, more info and the exhibition itself here.

“Window shop” by appointment only.