The Broadsheet Cocktail Show Episode 5: Belsazar Rosé Vermouth

Fri 3rd July, 2020
In partnership with World Class Drinks, this week we’ll be showing you how to make a wintery Apple & Pear Spritz or a berry-infused Negroni – and you get to decide which.

Making top-notch cocktails at home is one thing, but even the best-stocked liquor cabinet and a mastery of Tupperware “shakers” can’t replace a good chat with a knowledgeable bartender. And though lockdown restrictions are easing, we’re still a while away from regular Friday night knock-offs with friends.

That’s why we launched The Cocktail Show – a six-week interactive series streaming live on Instagram from 6pm every Friday night.

The Cocktail Show is hosted by former Triple J breakfast presenter and author Alex Dyson, now of Matt & Alex’s All Day Breakfast podcast, along with Melbourne drinks specialist Dave Kerr, former owner of much-loved Carlton dive bar The Beaufort (RIP).

This week, Dyson and Kerr will make a cocktail showcasing Belsazar Rosé Vermouth – as chosen by you.

Option one is a hibernation-appropriate Apple & Pear Spritz. “Spritzes are everywhere come summertime,” says Kerr. “Adding in some deeper and more winter-friendly notes gives this drink a seasonal twist.”

Option two is a berry-infused Winter Negroni, which take the Negroni from aperitif territory to something you can enjoy anytime. “Berries and the use of a rosé vermouth make it infinitely more approachable,” says Kerr.

On Monday 29 you’ll be able to vote for which cocktail you’d like to see made via a poll on our Instagram. We’ll announce the winning drink on Wednesday July 1. This gives you time to pick up the ingredients (via Shortlyst) before tuning in Friday July 3 to the live show on Broadsheet IGTV, where you can watch and create the winning drink along with Alex and Dave, with viewers commenting, asking questions and discovering tips along the way.

You can also use the hashtag #thebroadsheetcocktailshow to submit a snap of your own cocktail creation and go in the running to win a weekly prize pack of cocktail ingredients from our friends at World Class Drinks (for terms and conditions, click here).

After the final episode on July 10, we’ll pick the best submission of the series, with the winner taking home a drinks trolley from Tait, designed by Adam Goodrum, a cocktail-making kit, plus essential spirits, so you can keep shaking once The Cocktail Show ends.

From 6pm AEST.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with World Class Drinks.