Big Games Night In

Sun 3rd October, 2021
Price: Free
Get the family or household together and play homegrown free-to-access video games developed in Australia, from a strange and sticky journey through an alien world and a physics-based co-op, to a magical homage to early 16-bit games like Zelda and Chrono Trigger.

There’s been an undeniable boom in the video game industry during the pandemic, and it’s easy to see why – you can have fun while staying home, connect with friends online, and escape into another, Covid-free, world.

Melbourne International Games Week is putting a spotlight on local video games to enjoy at home while supporting homegrown developers, artists and designers. And it’s making a number of them free to play at home for one night.

ACMI has curated the selection, all featuring free-to-access games made in Australia. They include award-winning Completely Stretchy and Uncomfortably Sticky, a funny physics-based game where you play a stretchy and sticky character navigating an alien world; Unpacking, which as the title suggests, has players unpack boxes in a combined block-fitting and home decorating game; minimalist maths puzzle Trios; Spiritwell, an homage to 16-bit roleplaying games from the '90s like Zelda and Chronos Trigger; a narrative game about friends bidding each other farewell over the phone, called A Long Goodbye; Moving Out, another physics-based game but this time played as a co-op with other players, and more.

The games will be free to play on Sunday October 3 only.

More information here.