2021 Australian Census

Tue 10th August, 2021
Every household in the country has to fill out the census. If you don’t, you can be prosecuted and fined up to $222 a day. Consider this your reminder.

Held every five years, the Australian Census collects demographic, economic and social data from every household in the country, via an in-depth questionnaire (it’s pretty nosy, if we’re being honest). Administered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the census helps government, businesses and not-for-profits plan services in your area.

Like its predecessors, this census focuses on a single night, Tuesday August 10, and asks you to record every person staying at your household for the evening, including visitors and babies. The online form is compulsory to complete and you can be fined $222 per day for not doing so.

This is a reminder to get it done. Sure, it’s a bit tedious. But we’re in lockdown. It’s not like most of us have anywhere else to be.