Multi-instrumentalist Mark Zito has pooled his disparate influences into his dark and soulful solo project Fractures, with echoes of the electronic end of the Bon Iver spectrum. Having recently supported Daughter, Emma Louise, Holy Holy and Wild Beasts, Fractures is playing a string of headline shows in support of his self-produced debut LP, Still Here, out now.

Broadsheet: What can you tell us about writing/producing your album Still Here? You're a multi-instrumentalist, so do you play the various musical components yourself?
Mark Zito: More or less, that’s all me. Keys, bass, guitars, vocals and so on, with the exception of live drums. I check my ego at the door on that one, my skills aren’t quite up to scratch but I’m very adept at telling them what to do.

The process is very unromantic usually – I sit in my room and twiddle on the guitar, or the keys, or construct a beat until something sticks and then build upon it, like a beautiful family home. The production, much like the writing, tends to happen as the song develops – I’m not someone who necessarily goes into the process with any plan in mind.

BS: And was there a particular mood/atmosphere you wanted to capture?
MZ: It’s rare that I go into wanting to convey a mood or atmosphere – not from the outset – so whatever “flows out” (forgive me for horrible artist terminology) tends to inform what comes next. My track record would suggest that most of my music falls under the mood of “sad” or “dark".

BS: Songwriting heroes?
MZ: The obvious ones: Bon Iver fella, he’s right up there. John Mayer is responsible for much of my formative songwriting and guitar playing. I was a Coldplay guy, a Toto guy, Radiohead every now and then.

BS: Apart from music, what inspires your creativity?
MZ: I’m not sure there’s anything that directly contributes to the music that pours out of my very soul, but I suppose other endeavours would be photography. I’m on the cusp of being considered an amateur hobbyist and can usually perfect the framing and focus of a shot in no less than 100 takes.

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BS: Fantasy support slot – any artist, any era, anywhere?
MZ: Toto in every era and every formation of their great band. And let’s say they’re playing at the MCG, just prior to the Essendon Bombers’ 2000 team win the grand final in what can surely be said to be one of the most complete seasons of football in AFL history. Let’s go with that.

Still Here is out now.

Tour dates:

Friday February 17, Brightside

Saturday February 18, Newtown Social Club

Friday February 24, Howler