For plenty of young Australians, January 26 is the day to flick on the radio and countdown the Triple J Hottest 100 with friends. For others, it’s Invasion Day – the day British settlers invaded Indigenous lands.

According to Pedestrian.TV, “multiple well-placed sources” have confirmed a number of closed-door meetings at the ABC (including an all-staff meeting) and there are “serious talks” about changing the date.

This has been a topic of discussion in and outside the station for years.

A petition launched last month, which calls on Triple J hosts Matt Okine and Alex Dyson to have the station change the date “to a less inflammatory and more inclusive date for First Nations’ Peoples”, has attracted a couple thousand signatures.

Billed as “the world’s greatest music democracy”, the Triple J Hottest 100 is an annual poll in which the station’s listeners are invited to vote for their favourite songs of the previous year. The first iteration of the Hottest 100 launched in 1989 on Sunday March 5, when listeners had to vote via post. Last year it attracted more than two million votes online.

Broadsheet has reached out to Triple J but has not yet received a response.