The Cine Latino Film Festival shows movies from right across Central and South America, from Cuba and Mexico to Uruguay and Chile. It gives Australian audiences the chance to see dramatic and often beautiful portrayals of that part of the world on the big screen. The diverse program includes musicals, thrillers, comedies and road trip movies. Two sub-programs are dedicated to Mexican and Argentine cinema.

Here are Broadsheet’s five must-sees.

At the End of the Tunnel
Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 masterpiece about a man with a broken leg using his convalescence to spy on neighbours – and unwittingly uncover a crime – continues to inspire filmmakers. More than 60 years after the release of Rear Window, Rodrigo Grande’s At the End of the Tunnel puts a contemporary Argentine spin on the famous voyeur film. Leonardo Sbaraglia gives a ripping performance as a wheelchair-bound man whose surveillance puts him in the middle of a robbery. This is a tense thriller that takes great advantage of its claustrophobic setting.

You may not have heard of director Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza, but he’s already making a name for himself on the festival circuit. Candelaria is a brisk drama about a couple’s experiences during the Cuban economic crisis of the 1990s. It recently won a major award at the prestigious Venice Film Festival and is a powerful testament to the rise of cinema from the Caribbean island nation and a new wave of filmmakers making bold artistic works about their homeland.

Lost North
This Chilean road trip follows the journey of a heartbroken man as he travels from Santiago to the border of Bolivia, some 1500 kilometres away. Director Fernando Lavanderos’ low budget, grungy film comes after his 2012 festival hit Things as They Are. It tells the story of a husband trying to find his missing wife using only a series of videos he finds on her computer. The picture is filled with striking landscape imagery, including the stunning salt lakes of the Atacama Desert. It’s a well-crafted change of pace to the sort of ribald road trips offered by Hollywood.

Tales of an Immoral Couple
This Mexican comedy opens with an awkward sex scene between teenage sweethearts Martina and Lucio – just the first of many sequences that will make you squirm in your seat. Then 25 years on, wee see the now-adults bump into each other on the street and concoct false life stories to impress the other. Reviews have compared the movie to the flamboyantly silly comedies of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar.

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Crazy in Love
Musical comedy and power ballads come together with delirious choreography in the story of four cousins and their individual romantic troubles. Two are rethinking their marriages; one is in love with her yoga instructor; and another can’t make a decision between two potential lovers. In the grand tradition of the musical genre, they use song and dance to work it all out. If La La Land was a little too Hollywood, then this campy, colourful film from Peru may be the antidote.

The Cine Latino Film Festival presented by Palace tours the country on the following dates.

Sydney: November 14–29
Melbourne: November 16–29
Brisbane: November 16–29
Canberra: November 15–29
Adelaide: November 16–29
Hobart: November 23–29

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