“I see you sitting there asking yourself what the fuck is in a Nat’s What I Reckon cookbook, and I’m glad you asked,” says a robed Nat’s What I Reckon in a short video released via his social media channels yesterday.

“Let me tell you, champions – it’s got a lot. It’s got recipes, it’s got comics, it’s got reviews of shitty hot tubs; it’s like an unhelpful self-help book really. It’s just a good time in a book. Cheers,” he adds, before taking a sip of red wine and gagging.

While Nat’s What I Reckon popped up on most people’s radars earlier this year with his hilarious Quarantine Sauce and End of Days Bolognese iso-themed cooking videos, the Sydney comedian and amateur chef has been making videos for almost a decade.

In April he told Broadsheet the iso videos were “a bit of a last-minute repair job on my career” after his comedy show tour was put on hold. But then it exploded. That’s partly because it tapped into the craziness of the onset of the pandemic – panic buying, home cooking and new stresses on our mental health.

His Youtube channel now has more than 250,000 subscribers and his videos have clocked up more than 100 million views across all platforms.

And now the rock musician and mental health ambassador is about to add “author” to his resume with his Un-Cook Yourself: A Ratbag’s Rules for Life.

“Talk about fucking bang for your buck – this is the amount of pages in it,” he continues in the video, flipping through the 272 pages.

Un-Cook Yourself: A Ratbag’s Rules for Life is out through Penguin on December 1, 2020.