Schitt’s Creek is one of those TV shows that gains popularity gradually, by word-of-mouth. Most fans can remember someone telling them about the Canadian comedy, imploring them to watch it years after its debut in 2015.

But 2020 is the year when it felt like everyone finally got on board. It’s easy to see why: it’s fun, the episodes are short, and most importantly it’s uplifting and wholesome – something we all need in a year of very little good news.

The premise is this: Johnny Rose is a video-chain tycoon who suddenly finds himself broke, so he moves his family (wife Moira and adult children Alexis and David) to Schitt’s Creek, a town he once purchased as a joke. They take up residence in the local motel and try to adjust to their new life in a small town in North America.

It takes just a couple of episodes to get hooked. Here are some reasons to watch the Netflix show (or re-watch it).

It’s actually funny

Technically, Schitt’s Creek is a sitcom. But while many sitcoms rely on slapstick and clichéd jokes, Schitt’s Creek is genuinely clever. A lot of this has to do with well-written characters and fantastic chemistry from a talented cast. The Rose family is obviously the core of this: there’s spoiled, ditzy Alexis (who cops a lot of the best one-liners); eccentric Moira (who has a flair for the dramatic); sassy David; and eternally struggling patriarch Johnny. But the town characters are equally fleshed-out and entertaining. Sullen Stevie, manager of the motel, is a great foil for David, and their scenes together are some of the best.

The episodes are short

Are you also feeling like lockdown has wrecked your attention span? With many people struggling to focus on reading or complex plots during These Strange Times, shows that don’t require laser focus are a godsend – and Schitt’s Creek is one of them. The 22-minute episodes are perfectly binge-worthy, and with most episodes focusing on one start-to-finish plot (with longer plotlines running slowly through a season), you can be forgiven if you miss something because you were lazily scrolling on your phone.

It’s heartwarming

2020 is the definition of hard times. A comforting series that makes you laugh and feels light is what many of us are craving right now. Schitt’s Creek is the type of show that feels like drinking chicken soup when you’re unwell – comforting in its predictable quality; a guaranteed pick-me-up that leaves you feeling happy, not overwhelmed. Simple pleasures, really.

Schitt’s Creek is currently streaming on Netflix.