More than 800,000 Taylor Swift fans jumped online for her Sydney show’s presale, which started this morning at 10am AEST. This writer included. And many are still in the queue waiting – this writer included. (Update, 1.43pm: all Sydney presale tickets have now sold out.)

Misery loves company, after all, and if there’s one thing that can unite nearly 800,000 Swifties as they battle each other to get tickets to The Eras Tour, it’s memes.

Drop everything now – and laugh (or cry … mostly cry) along with us while we try and survive The Great War. And good luck to everyone about to join the presale for the Melbourne show. This writer included.

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— Flyfromnearby (@flyfromnearby) June 28, 2023

And this one’s from last week when the tour was announced but – so true. Poor Brisbane.