This is a monthly series in which we recommend the best things to do this month based on your horoscope, as read by Alison Lasek. Astrology not your thing? Skip straight to the culturescopes for what to do with all those feelings – and the appropriate barista-made McCafé iced coffee to sip while you’re doing it.

The dust is settling following two powerful eclipses last month. Eclipses are one of the most transformative astrological events, bringing things to the surface that need to be seen and healed. The full effects of such radical shifts in perspective and the world around us continue to unfold throughout November.

We begin the month deep in Scorpio season, the time of year when we confront the shadowy side of life. Running from October 24 to November 23, Scorpio is the sign associated with Halloween, darkness, the depths of humanity and our psyches. It may sound sinister, but just as the phoenix rises from its ashes, Scorpio season helps us see that the old ways have to crumble to make room for new spring growth.
The Scorpio new moon on November 14 is the ideal time to find steady footing when things around you appear to be in turmoil. We get to choose whether we continue doom-scrolling or lift ourselves and our loved ones up by investing in the things that bring us joy. The new moon will support you to initiate healthier ways of being.

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Then as the sun shifts into Sagittarius on November 23, followed the very next day by Mars, the intensity lifts and the energy becomes lighter. Use the last week of the month to have fun, explore your neighbourhood, and go after your goals with passion and enthusiasm.


You may be feeling particularly sensitive during Scorpio season – witness whatever emotions arise without judging them or yourself. Some alone time at the new moon will help you nurture this inner dynamic. As the sun and Mars move into Sagittarius, you’ll be ready for creative and intellectual stimulation. New experiences will elevate your mood and expand your perspective.

Culturescope: Nurturing mental health is always important – be it among friends, colleagues or on your own. Men’s health charity Movember makes it that little bit more fun this month. You can grow a ‘mo, host a party, go on a run or take part in other organised activities designed to help raise funds. Get involved at Movember.

Coffeescope: McCafé Iced Long Black – considering you’ll need to be alert, focused and open to intellectual stimulation (and potentially going on a run) this season, keep it simple with icy espresso, chilled water and ice.


You’re learning more about yourself through your most intimate relationships. Scorpio season is the ideal time to connect with your loved ones and allow their differences, or opinions you might not agree with, to just be. When the sun and Mars move into Sagittarius, you’ll be supported to speak up and lean into challenging conversations, especially when they relate to finances or what you want in the bedroom. Be courageous, this month is an opportunity for tremendous growth.

Culturescope: Billed as a tale about embracing the prospect of being “annihilated by love”, the new novel from award-winning Melbourne author Christos Tsiolkas drops October 31. The latest novel from the author of The Slap, Barracuda and more, The In-Between tells the story of two middle-aged men who meet on the internet and are forced to navigate past failures to move forward. Courage is required.

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Perhaps your summer sandals need repairing or your rangehood could use a little TLC. Get ready to blast through your to-do list and then some this Scorpio season and revel in the satisfaction of a job well done. Things get spicier when the sun and Mars move into Sagittarius. Your attention is likely to be captured by your closest relationships, including the one with yourself. This is an opportunity to uncover your most intimate desires and have them met.

Culturescope: There’s something intimate and yet revealing about an excellent towel – whether draped over you at the pool, spread on the sand at the beach or just prettying up the bathroom. Designed in Melbourne, made in Turkey, and produced to eco-friendly credentials, Kobn towels come in sultry tones like nougat, burnt umber, lilac and more. Look (and feel) lush this summer.

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Scorpio season looks great on you. You may be feeling more open, playful and free to express yourself. This is the perfect time to fill your diary with brunches, picnics and parties. Your enthusiasm is magnetic and you’ll have no shortage of people to share it with. Your energy will only increase as the sun and Mars enter Sagittarius. Sweat it out rather than bottle it up or work too hard. Your body and mind will thank you.

Culturescope: Few know how to sweat it out like modern music’s magnetic maestro Post Malone. Seen his recent Tiny Desk performance, which shows a sweet new side to him? Or his set of Nirvana covers? The man can do it all. After touring Australia with Red Hot Chilli Peppers in early 2023, he’s back for a full headline run around all major cities in the last two weeks of November. The sell is clear: see Post Malone, have fun.

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You may be inspired to spend more time at home this Scorpio season. This is a beautiful time to create your sanctuary, whether that means clearing out some clutter, lighting a candle or cooking a comforting meal. Make sure to get some downtime now because you won’t want to waste Sagittarius season. You’ll be feeling confident, sexy and have the desire to be completely yourself. The last week of November is a great time for romance or simply sharing your passions with others.

Culturescope: You know who else was a Leo and had the desire to be completely himself? Napoleon Bonaparte, the unhinged French emperor of the early 1800s. Director Ridley Scott has teamed with Joaquin Phoenix for Napoleon, a blockbuster flick that cost $130USD million, features six battle sequences and clocks in at over two and a half hours. In cinemas November 23. Go cheer the passion.

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Can you create more time to listen to your neighbours, coworkers and friends this Scorpio season? You don’t need to change or fix anything – the power of your attention is enough to create big shifts in your daily interactions. As the sun and Mars enter Sagittarius your energy is pulled towards the home environment. This might mean renovating, redecorating or ironing out any long-standing issues with housemates.

Culturescope: Redefining the home environment is a touch easier this month thanks to Black Friday and its cousin, Cyber Monday (the following Monday when online sales go into overdrive). This year it goes down Friday November 24 and Monday November 27 respectively. Last year there were sales from all your faves, including The Iconic, Virgin, Kitchenaid, Broadsheet itself and so many more. Hope you’ve saved.

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Are you relishing each day? Or are you committing to things because you think you should? Scorpio season is a great time to get clear on what you truly value and to design your life accordingly. It’s time to stop spending so much time and money on things you don’t care about. When Sagittarius season begins you’ll have boundless energy for your blossoming social life. Channel any excess energy into new collaborations or joint ventures and beware of entering into pointless arguments.

Culturescope: In a month of pausing to reflect and prepping for oncoming social occasions, there are few better ways than filling your house with fresh flowers. With November bringing the likes of roses, carnations, snapdragons and more into season, heading down to your local market to peruse and pluck a fine floral flower arrangement feels like just the ticket.

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It’s okay to be a little self-centred this Scorpio season. This is your time to follow your curiosity, dance with inspiration and fill your cup for the year ahead. Make sure your diary is packed with things that energise you and capture your heart. When Sagittarius season arrives, you may feel like you can’t keep hold of your finances. This may be an opportunity to curb impulse spending and shift your relationship to possessions and money for good.

Culturescope: Money, possessions and matters of the heart – and power – have been central to The Crown, the TV hit about the rise of Queen Elizabeth II (RIP). This month its sixth and final season will start on November 16 and conclude in mid-December. The storylines will cover Diana’s death, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s budding romance, and Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’s wedding, so pop some scones on and get regal around the coffee table.

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Your racing thoughts settle down a little this Scorpio season. Take advantage of this mental break by finding activities that help you forget time and get you into your groove. Inspiration may strike, offering alternate ways forward with more fulfilment, ease and joy. New opportunities abound when the sun and Mars move into Sagittarius. You’re ready to put yourself out there and make the world take notice. This is the time to present yourself like the star you are.

Culturescope: Zimbabwean-born Australian-raised rapper Tkay Maidza has had a few things on her mind lately (apart from her song High Beams being used as the soundtrack for the recent unveiling of the new iPhone 15). Maidza claims her new album, the long-awaited second full-length record, Sweet Justice, is about “severed ties” with old friends and “toxic figures”, as well as rejecting self-doubt. Out November 3, prep yourself with early bangers Ring-a-Ling, WUACV and Out Of Luck. Maidza’s star is risen. Pounce on Sweet Justice now.

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The company of friends will make Scorpio season brighter and help you release any stress. You may find yourself reaching out to your larger networks and creating more space in your life to be with community. When the sun and Mars move into Sagittarius, you’ll be ready for some more time alone to tend to your wellbeing. There’s no need to say yes to every invite that lands in your inbox; it’s a pleasure to miss out from time to time.

Culturescope: One of life’s simple pleasures – fruit – is in abundance in November. It’s time to gorge on bananas, strawberries, grapefruit, and strawberries. Grab them from the market, salivate at the specials board at the ice-cream shop, shake those smoothies and feel good we have so much on hand. Ps: apricots, cherries, figs and melons are just around the corner.

Coffeescope: McCafé Iced Latte – keep it simple with a shot of espresso with milk and sugar syrup poured over ice.


Expect some extra recognition for your work and momentum in your career this Scorpio season. There’s no need to compromise your integrity to get ahead. Stay true to yourself and your desires will follow. As the sun and Mars move into Sagittarius, you should revisit your goals and make sure you’re dreaming big enough. If you get a nervous feeling in your belly, that’s your clue you’re on the right track. This isn’t the time to play it safe.

Culturescope: One big personality who followed his ego for the better of (mostly) all is pop star Robbie Williams. Love or hate him, Williams knows how to entertain on a grand scale. He’s touring through November to play tunes from his 2022 album XXV and cuts from a 25-year solo catalogue that includes earworms like Rock DJ, Angels and Feel. Williams’s tour begins November 16 in Sydney and finishes in Perth on December 1. Dream big, buy tix.

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Scorpio season is here to open your mind and challenge your beliefs. This is the ideal time to begin learning something new, say yes to unfamiliar experiences or break out of your old routines. Your desire to achieve is ignited when the sun and Mars enter Sagittarius. Your energy will make an impression on the people around you and inspire support. This is a great time to launch that side huddle or initiate a new project.

Culturescope: Sounds like it’s time to expand your mind and consider how others live. Fortunately for you the British Film Festival is back at the nation’s Palace Cinemas during the month. Featuring special events, great music docos, and films starring Anthony Hopkinds, Sir Ian McKellan and Emma Thompson, stay calm, carry on and watch near you.

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This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with McCafé.