Georgia Maq channels her experiences with depression into something full of heart and energy. She and bandmates Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich (bass) and Sarah Thompson (drums) make raw, punchy music that taps into the Courtney Barnett style of anecdotal speak-sing. But Camp Cope feels more confessional, closer to the bone.

Their self-titled debut album hit number 36 in the ARIA chart in 2016: impressive for a band still in their infancy.

Broadsheet: What musical influences united you as a band?
Georgia Maq: We all had quite different musical backgrounds. I was quite angsty, emo and folky when I played solo. Kelly is a shredder and has played in shoegaze and skramz bands. Thomo is just a solid drummer who knew all my songs really well because she'd be at heaps of my solo shows. The songs I had written that were turned into Camp Cope songs grew into something beautiful because of our differences.

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BS: Can you tell us about the process of recording your album?
GM: We practiced heaps for a week, and then went into the studio for two days and smashed them out. We recorded all the instruments live together, and then I recorded the vocals the next day, with a few guest appearances from our friends. We wanted the album to sound rough and youthful. Kind of like how all my tattoos have something a little bit wrong with them. It represents to me that people are just people and we all make mistakes and have flaws, and we should embrace that. I really like that about the album.

BS: And what inspires your lyrics?
GM: My lyrics are kind of like a diary, I write about my personal experiences. It has to be truthful or I wouldn't be able to express the emotion fully, music is my outlet. I'm a person living with depression. I was diagnosed when I was 12 years old. I always knew there was something a bit wrong with me, so I feel really lucky to be able to play music and write as my catharsis, so it's not brewing inside my head.

BS: Fantasy support slot – any era, any artist, anywhere?
GM: It would be my dream to support Hop Along, anywhere, anytime.

BS: What can we expect from your live shows?
GM: My guitar will probably be out of tune.

Camp Cope 2017 tour dates:

Grace Emily Hotel on Feb 17

NGV Summer Sundays on Feb 26 (free and all ages)

Newtown Social Club on March 3

This article was updated on January 30, 2017.