In May, one of the most influential sneaker resellers in the world opened an authentication centre in Australia. When Broadsheet’s social media editor – and resident fashion writer – Steph Vigilante heard about it, she became curious.

She started looking into the sneaker economy and discovered the second-hand trade is absolutely booming. And so is the world of fake designer kicks.

In episode four of Broadsheet’s new podcast, FYI, we meet the Australian sneaker detectives who spend their days sorting through the fakes – everything from Yeezys and Off-Whites to artist collabs with ice-cream companies. As the sneaker resale market has soared, so has the rise of professional authenticators that sort legit shoes from counterfeits.

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We find out what these sleuths look out for and how to avoid getting scammed (learning a few of the surprising and unexpected techniques the pros use), and encounter some of the country’s most influential sneakerheads in the process.

FYI is a new podcast by Broadsheet about the stories we reckon deserve a closer look. It’ll bust myths, help you cook better and give you a deeper understanding of a particular slice of Australian culture each week. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

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Season one of FYI is proudly sponsored by Dan Murphy’s.