A five-kilometre wizard-themed run will soon swoop through your city.

The Wizard’s Run encourages runners to dress up in their most magical activewear to take part in immersive wizard-themed activities along the way, such as learning spells and drinking magic potion (the magical properties of blue Powerade are universally acknowledged). Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes on the day.

Fine print on the Wizard’s Run site says this is not a Warner Bros- or Harry Potter-related event, but the organisers promise guests the chance to “try out their broom skills on the quidditch pitch”. Perhaps the organisers are trying to evanesco any potential lawsuits.

As with other events run by the organisers of the Wizard’s Run (the outdoor bumper-car ice rink and a Disney-themed brunch) details on price and route are scarce. But a “Hogwarts-style party” is planned at the end of the run.

The Wizard’s Run will take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in August. For details sign up at thewizardsrun.com.