If you’ve ever struggled to corral your mates into pub trivia because they’re still hungover from the weekend, can’t find a babysitter or are still traumatised by the humiliation of placing last at a previous trivia event, this is your chance to get them involved. We’re all stuck at home, keen for social interaction of any kind. So gather your pals for a quiz at the virtual pub once their last Zoom meeting of the day is done.

It’s just as much fun to talk chaotically over your teammates online as it is at the pub, and the beer is cheaper at yours anyway. Maybe you’ll even win some friends and family over to the analogue version when this is all over.

Shit Pub Trivia’s Lame AF Lockdown Edition

If you’re worried about the prospect of cheating in the lawless world of virtual trivia nights, this is the quiz for you. Shit Pub Trivia is attempting to construct a quiz of ungooglable questions, along with all the usual games and banter, to uphold the integrity of the sport. (Pre-pandemic, the company hosted trivia around Melbourne and pop-up quiz nights around Australia.) Register your team to play for prizes – slabs from Gage Roads Brewing Co among them – or just play along for fun. (To register, direct-message the Shit Pub Trivia Facebook page with your team’s and its captain’s names.)

“You don't have to be in the same home, you can start a group chat with your team and then submit your answers to the captain,” Shit Pub Trivia says. The captain sends the team’s answers at the end of each round. “We're doing our best to implement questions that are harder to Google, but let's be honest, that’s near impossible. So just don't be a dick and it'll be way more fun for everyone. We are endeavouring to make this as close to an actual Shit Pub Trivia night as we possibly can, so please keep the interaction and the comments (heckles) coming to simulate this the IRL SPT experience.” The quiz will be livestreaming on Facebook every Wednesday from 7.30pm in NSW, Victoria and Tassie, 7pm in South Australia, 6.30pm in Queensland and 4.30pm in WA. It’s free.

More information here.

Quiz Meisters’s The Quarantine Quiz

Quiz Meisters has been running weekly trivia nights at pubs around Australia since 2004. The company prides itself on hosting a cheekier brand of quiz than your average, with staple rounds including “Porn Star or My Little Pony?”. Quiz Meisters is livestreaming its new hourly trivia event, the Quarantine Quiz, straight from the host’s living room to yours via Facebook every Friday night at 8pm in NSW, Victoria and Tassie, 7.30pm in South Australia, 7pm in Queensland and 5pm in WA. And it’s free.

Tune in here here and enter your answers here.

Quizzame Livestream

Quizzame usually hosts trivia nights at pubs and RSLs throughout the country, but during lockdown it’s gone online with a variety of livestreamed quizzes. First up, a family friendly “ultimate pub quiz” and a quiz about pre-pandemic 2019 (to forget about 2020). The quizzes feature two rounds of 15 questions over one hour. You can register to win prizes, such as $50 gift cards. Print out your scoreboards, set up a watch party with your family or roommates, and you’re good to go. The Ultimate Pub Quiz livestreams on Facebook on Thursday April 2 from 8pm in NSW, Victoria and Tassie, 7.30pm in South Australia, 7pm in Queensland and 5pm in WA. The 2019 Quiz livestreams on Facebook on Saturday April 4 from 8.30pm in NSW, Victoria and Tassie, 8pm in South Australia, 7.30pm in Queensland and 5.30pm in WA. Check Quizzame’s Facebook page for upcoming quizzes. These are free.

More information here.

Fame Trivia Fix Quiz

If you desperately need to regain some sense of control over your life in these uncertain times, why not become the tyrannical quiz master of your household or of a Zoom call with your friends? Fame Trivia, which has been in the business of pub trivia since 1988, creates a new quiz every week – just sign up to receive the questions by email every Tuesday morning. It’s free.

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