Salt in cooking is nothing new. But with chefs everywhere singing its praises, and all of us at home cooking like chefs more than ever before (through chef-led cookbooks and on Youtube and Instagram), Broadsheet Sydney editor Che-Marie Trigg found herself thinking more and more about this magical ingredient, and why it's so divisive.

In episode two of Broadsheet’s brand new podcast, FYI, we talk to everyone from a top chef to a salt heiress and yep, even a couple of our parents (with very strong feelings about salt), exploring why one person's sickly salty is another's perfectly seasoned, whether there really is such a thing as perfect seasoning, how to use less salt when cooking for just as much flavour, and why you should try adding it to your ice-cream and coffee.

FYI is a new podcast by Broadsheet about the stories we reckon deserve a closer look. It’ll bust myths, help you cook better and give you a deeper understanding of a particular piece of the Australian cultural puzzle each week. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

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Season one of FYI is proudly sponsored by Dan Murphy’s.