Growing up in a big Italian family, Tomas Telegramma has always been a mortadella fan. So, when the Broadsheet Melbourne editor noticed the pink deli meat suddenly appearing on the menus at some of Australia’s best restaurants, he had to ask – why? And why now?

In episode one of Broadsheet’s brand new podcast, FYI, we investigate how this schoolyard lunch staple – gifted to us by Italian migrants – ascended to cult status, ending up on caps and T-shirts, and inspiring furniture design.

We talk to top chefs and butchers – including LP’s Quality Meats namesake Luke Powell, Meatsmith co-owner Troy Wheeler and Nomad executive chef Jacqui Challinor – about its rise to the top. And find out why you absolutely need to try it warm – on a pizza, in a lasagne or even straight out of the oven.

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FYI is a new podcast by Broadsheet about the stories we reckon deserve a closer look. It’ll bust myths, help you cook better and give you a deeper understanding of a particular piece of the Australian cultural puzzle each week. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

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Season one of FYI is proudly sponsored by Dan Murphy’s.