Diners are now spending three times as much on delivery apps as we were before Covid-19. The pandemic, and its lockdowns, has given Australians a dependence on delivery that we didn’t have before.

Broadsheet’s former directory editor, Callum McDermott, included.

And after he experiences a particularly traumatic burger order, he sets himself a mission: no more food delivery. But his attempt to quit the apps doesn’t quite go as planned.

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In episode five of Broadsheet’s new podcast, FYI, we join Callum as he tries to wean himself off delivery and replace the rush of reading that sweet, sweet alert – “your order is on its way” – with a number of alternatives.

But after many frozen meals, slip-ups and drunken Macca's (and plenty of sober Macca's, too), he realises he needs help. He calls in the experts.

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Season one of FYI is proudly sponsored by Dan Murphy’s.