We spend a lot of our lives in restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and cafes. And like any space we’re comfortable in, we’re not always on our best behaviour at these venues. For every decadent night out, there’s an equally a dramatic tale of disaster to be told. For every run-of-the-mill pub session, there’s a ridiculous experience you still laugh about with friends years later.

In episode six of Broadsheet’s debut podcast, FYI, we opened the phone lines to you – our listeners – to share your most bizarre and memorable in-venue tales.

Outrageous customer behaviour. Public breakups. Celebrity encounters gone wrong. A story involving a pint glass that’s the stuff of hospitality nightmares. You shared these stories, and many more, with us through our confessional hotline.

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From the funny and frivolous to the surprising and unexpected to the downright dangerous, you’ll be smiling, wincing, gasping and laughing at this collection of confessions.

FYI is a new podcast by Broadsheet about the stories we reckon deserve a closer look. It busts myths, helps you cook better and gives you a deeper understanding of a particular piece of Australian culture each week.

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Season one of FYI is proudly sponsored by Dan Murphy’s.