Days Like These

The ABC does consistently brilliant storytelling, and Days Like These is no exception. Each episode looks at one moment in one person’s life, be it a time of heartbreak or panic, thrill or devastation.

Stuff the British Stole

The latest from journalist an broadcaster Marc Fennell, this podcast hasn’t even officially launched yet – but we’re confident it’s going to be a summer road trip hit. As most of us are aware, many of the artifacts in museums and galleries around the globe were stolen during invasions. Stuff the British Stole delves into the history behind some of the most famous objects in history, revealing the truth behind their procurement.

Everyone Has an Ex

This one might have just been a series of funny stories from people with shitty past relationships, but Everyone Has an Ex surprised us with its nuanced look at the deep, lasting impact past partners can have on our lives. It’s a mix of harrowing stories of toxic love and emotional tales of hard work just not being enough – this podcast is all heart.

It’s a Lot With Abbie Chatfield

Ex-Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield launched her podcast at the very beginning of 2020, and while many expected it to be just another ex-reality star’s attempt at holding onto their 15 minutes, Chatfield shocked doubters by developing one of the most progressive, inclusive podcasts of the year. Her transparency and efforts to normalise female sexual expression has seen a strong community develop around the podcast, regularly landing it in top charts.

Zero Waste Baby

Ex-Triple J talent Veronica Milsom launched Zero Waste Baby this year after having her first child and realising the amount of waste raising a newborn can create. Setting herself a challenge to find alternatives to disposables, the series is equal parts hilarious chaos and educational.

Thin Black Line

The ABC has a number of mentions in this list because it does investigative podcasts damn well. Thin Black Line is the latest podcast from Allan Clarke, a Walkley Award-winning journalist and proud Muruwari man who was also behind the Unravel series, Blood on The Tracks. This time, Clarke investigates the 1993 death in custody of Aboriginal teenager Daniel Yock. He speaks to the case’s one eyewitness and Yock’s family to uncover what really happened the day he died.

A Country Podcast

The wonderful thing about podcasts is there really is something for everyone – like fans of ’80s TV shows who would really like to hear recaps of ancient episodes. But rather than fall into the format of just chatting about eps, co-hosts Melanie Tait and Kim Lester interview stars and writers from A Country Practice, as well as relate its themes to 2020 news.

Always Was, Always Will Be Our Stories

Marlee Silva is one half of Tiddas 4 Tiddas alongside her sister Keely, but branched out this year with her own podcast, Always Was, Always Will Be Our Stories. Marlee talks with Indigenous Australians she considers role models and trailblazers, from the second-ever Aboriginal woman to represent Australia in cricket to a discussion with Allan Clarke, the investigative journalist behind the upcoming documentary, The Bowraville Murders.

Jeans and a Nice Top

Full disclosure: this is actually my independent podcast! But I like to think we’re doing something fresh in the dating advice space when it comes to Australian podcasting. My co-host Ash Austen and I discuss the complex world of modern dating – from app-fatigue to dismantling the myth that sex on the first date will get you ghosted. As two women who have been single for the majority of their twenties and early-thirties, we know our stuff.


It wouldn’t be a wrap of the best Australian 2020 podcasts without something about coronavirus.Coronacast was introduced by the ABC this year to simplify the Covid-19 information onslaught. With episodes up often just a day or two after new information drops (and usually running at under 10 minutes), you can keep up with the news without getting overwhelmed.

Margin Notes

Hosts Yen Eriksen and Zoya Patel are committed to looking at life on the “margins” – the experiences we hear less about in mainstream media. In season one the hosts discuss the migrant experience in Australia, chronic illness and cultural legacy – among others.

Search Engine Sex

A Spotify exclusive, Search Engine Sex is like a podcast version of your Google history. Episodes cover sex and sexuality-related topics such as how to use lubricant and how to ask a partner for an open relationship, as well as more relationship-based queries such as how to turn someone down. It’s a refreshingly inclusive, honest look at sex and sexuality.


News journalist Paul Cochrane was one of many Australian journos present in Childers, Queensland, when the local Palace Backpackers Hostel was set alight in 2000, killing 15. It’s one of Australia’s worst crimes, and this podcast revisits the events from the perspective of survivors, as well as town locals and the families of those who died.