If you thought Guy Sebastian reached his peak with Angels Brought Me Here you couldn’t be more wrong. You can now hear Sebastian as a burlesque club madame hitting notes as high as his old ‘fro on We Put the Spring in Springfield, his cover of the classic Simpsons tune. This version could get a whole angry mob dancing.

The song’s a collaboration with Perth rocker Dan Cribbs who has spent the last two years recording a ridiculous 30-track Simpsons-song cover album, Worst Tribute Ever. On each track, Cribbs has called in vocal performances from Australian rock royalty.

Standout covers include Alex Lahey howling about turning “albino African endangered rhinos” into slippers; Ecca Vandal swapping soft bongos for head-banging drums during Michael Jackson and Bart’s Happy Birthday Lisa; and a note for note re-creation of Lisa playing Classical Gas at Lenny’s request.

The record finishes with a seven-minute medley of moments that includes a Mr Plough breakdown and Sydney singer Montaigne giving Homer’s Max Power theme song the rock-opera rendition it truly deserves.

The meta-pop-culture-rabbit-hole gets as deep as Timmy’s watery prison when Cribb, David Novak (Polish Club) and the Bennies conjure an all-star parody medley of an all-star parody medley of We Are the World during their Sending Our Love Down the Well bit. It’ll spin you out like “no tv and no beer” Homer.

Cribb even puts his own body on the line in the medley’s video by re-creating Hans Moleman’s cinematic masterpiece Man Getting Hit by Football. Now that’s dedication.

All that’s missing now is a live re-creation of Homerpalooza with Kram from Spiderbait and Jen Boyce from Ball Park Music subbing in for Sonic Youth and the Smashing Pumpkins. While we’re at it, let’s get Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker to launch a giant inflatable pig into the crowd.

Grab your free download of Worst Tribute Ever here.