The idea of a ball pit is fun, especially for kids. Remember? A sea of coloured spheres, which move and undulate as you dive in and roll around. There’s a reason Ikea has them in its kids’ waiting areas around the world. In reality, most ball pits – filled with hard plastic spheres that aren’t that comfortable to swim around in – promise more than they deliver.

The Ball Pit Party is relying on the fact you’ll only remember the good times. It arrives in Australia next year with up to one million LED-lit balls that will fill certain bars in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

For the ticketed price you’ll be allocated a time slot to dance in the 200,000-strong glowing-ball pit, while necking a cocktail.

The LED lights supposedly sync to the beat of a DJ set. Beyond that, there are few details surrounding the events.

The event has a limited run of only a few weeks – you can sign up for pre-release tickets here.

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