Earlier this year, organisers of the annual Falls Festival announced it would go ahead with a “limited-edition, all-Australian line-up” for its 2020–21 shows. Today they announced those plans don’t seem viable.

“In May, as the nation seemed to be moving into recovery mode, we were optimistic about forging ahead and supporting our local industry with an all Aussie edition of Falls Festival. We were especially excited to reunite many live music fans, get industry crew back on the job and contribute to the economies of the communities where Falls takes place,” organisers said in a statement.

“However, given the current status of things and border restrictions in place, it won’t be possible to hold Falls Festival in our regular New Year’s timeframe.”

The announcement did not inlcude details regarding refunds, but did hint at a cautious optimism. “Consider this a raincheck and please know we will be back with more information as it comes to hand.”