If you want to have your say in the upcoming postal vote on same-sex marriage you need to get a move on. The deadline to enrol or update your details is August 24, one week from today.

Spearheaded by party starters Heaps Gay, the Enrol For Equality Weekender is a grassroots, nation-wide enrolment drive.

“[We thought] rather than turning up to every event,” says Heaps Gay founder Kat Dopper, “why don’t we empower people to do it themselves?”

This weekend, you can enrol to vote for equality with a beer in hand at more than 40 pubs, bars and restaurants across Sydney and Melbourne – including The Lansdowne, Mary’s and The Dolphin Hotel in Sydney and in Melbourne, Night Cat, Section 8, Ferdydurke and Belleville. The Little Red Door in Adelaide has signed up, with more to come.

There will be enrolment forms and iPads on-hand at these venues and more all weekend. If you're a venue and want to be part of it, there are enrolment forms and posters to print here. You can also contact Dopper and they can add you to the list of venues involved.

This weekend in Sydney, for example, pop into enrolment booths between rounds at The Lord Gladstone; steal a second from the dance floor at The Imperial or Volumes Festival to enrol; or even dine, natural wine and self-enfranchise at Icebergs and Da Orazio.

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To say thanks for enrolling, Vic On The Park and Cake Wines will offer free beer and rosé, respectively.

The list of venues is multiplying by the minute – expect more and more venues to be announced across Australia. There are also plans for future weekenders ahead of September’s postal vote.

“Yes we’re trying to get people to enrol and register and make sure their details are updated,” says Dopper. “But ultimately, if [the postal vote] gets past the high court [and is legally allowed to take place] then we have an army of people from the weekender that can continue to grow.”

You can even register your own party or barbeque. It’s the easiest way to remind your friends and family to enrol. While the postal-vote outcome isn’t binding, an assertive “yes” sends a loud signal for marriage equality. It’s a voice Broadsheet is proud to put itself behind.

Full line-up of events


You have until next Thursday August 24 to enrol or update your electoral details via the AEC website. You can vote if you will be aged 18 or older on the deadline date.


Messina will no longer involve their truck this weekend. Updated on August 17.