If temperature-controlled, conversation-free rides are your idea of five-star service, then you’re in luck: Uber Comfort is letting you customise rides even more to your liking.

The slightly more plush alternative to regular UberX has launched a suite of rider preferences that let you take more control of your ride.

The new changes include options for quiet mode (trips without music and conversation); temperature control that you can set to warm, hot, cool or cold; and extended wait time, requiring drivers to wait up to 10 minutes for you. And they can all be set in advance.

Uber Comfort costs 20 per cent more than an UberX. These new features will be offered in addition to existing benefits such as extra legroom, newer car models (from 2013 onwards) and experienced drivers with a minimum rating of 4.85 stars and at least Uber 500 trips.

Users who have joined Uber Australia’s loyalty program can also earn two points per eligible dollar on Uber Comfort trips, and Gold members can get up to 10 per cent off a Comfort trip each month.