Naughty? Nice? Somewhere in between? If you’re not sure how Santa feels about your behaviour in 2021, there’s one simple way to find out: give him a call.

Thanks to a new initiative by Telstra, you can now call the big, beard-y guy in red and chat to him about how good you’ve been, and what gifts you might have in mind as a reward.

From today until December 24, you can call Santa from any Telstra payphone nationwide. The number to dial is 46 46 46 – or #HOHOHO.

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As Australia is facing a Santa shortage this year, the free initiative helps connect kids and families with Mr Claus this Christmastime.

Telstra will be donating $1 to the Salvation Army for every call made to Santa’s Hotline.

In August this year, the telecomms company made all calls from its network of 15,000 payphones free of charge.

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