After a fun night out of eating and drinking with a big group of friends, nothing deflates the mood like seeing the dreaded “no split bills” sign at the counter. Who’s picking up the tab? And how long will it take for everyone to transfer their share? Do they even have your bank details?

If you’re using digital bank Up, there’s an easier way. Up is owned by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and aims to make staying on top of your finances less confusing. Today the mobile-only bank has over 400,000 users, with most under the age of 26.

The bank’s mobile app has introduced Slices, a new feature letting you split the bill with other users – great for nights out where you’ve pushed the boat out, or are sharing a gift for someone else, dividing groceries or organising a holiday (flights and accommodation).

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You can take any purchase or payment you’ve made through Up and split it into even slices (like a pizza) or irregular portions (like other pizzas). The app will ping your mates to let them know how much they owe you, and it’ll send them automatic reminders to pay you back so you won’t have to nag them yourself.

If you get sent a bill from a pal that seems like more than you owe, you can knock it back and negotiate a fairer share. It’s also a chance to get competitive – Up will tell you which of your mates pays you back the quickest (and consequently, which one takes ages to transfer back your cash).

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