This article first appeared on Broadsheet in August, 2017.

If you were in Melbourne last week, it was hard to miss the news that the city was voted World’s Most Liveable. Again. The title, which is awarded by the Economist, was given to Melbourne for a record seventh time and, unsurprisingly, the city was feeling pretty good about itself.

Especially, it would seem, the city’s official Twitter account, @cityofmelbourne, which posted a lighthearted mock-up of a fake text exchange with The Rest of The World asking Melbourne to please stop hogging the title.

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In the context of official social-media accounts for large bureaucratic organisations, it’s not a terrible effort.
But for any smiles it might have caused, it also gave rise to a few well-made points that for a city yet to deal with a range of legitimate problems, it might be a little unseemly to gloat.

It also triggered a classic piece of Sydney snark.

Within hours of City of Melbourne’s original post, City of Sydney had a few choice words for its southern neighbour. More specifically, a few choice songs.

— City of Sydney (@cityofsydney) August 17, 2017

Not to be outdone, Melbourne came back with the council-twitter-account equivalent of pointing at the scoreboard.

All in good fun, although it does perhaps leave both councils open to questions about whether this truly was time well spent … even on a Friday afternoon.