This week, it was confirmed the federal government will ask Australians to take part in a postal vote on same-sex marriage.

Starting in September, ballot papers will be mailed to every Australian who is enrolled to vote. They must be returned by November 7, with a result on November 25. Regardless of your feelings on this process and how we got here, we feel it is important to do everything we can to ensure this public vote delivers a clear, definitive Yes for marriage equality.

If you’re not already on the electoral roll, you have until August 24 to register with the Australian Electoral Commission or update your address if it has changed since the last election. If you’re registered at an address you no longer live at but where you have access to mail (for example, a family member’s house), make sure you pick up your voting forms.

If you think your information may be out of date, check your enrolment here. If you have friends overseas, point them in the direction of this section of the AEC site to ensure they are able to vote.

The AEC has committed to make contact with confirmation your details have been updated within three working days. Save your confirmation PDF so you can follow up if necessary.

After the result of the postal vote is known, there will be a chance for Parliament to vote later this year. Unfortunately, this isn’t guaranteed, and as we know, the result of the postal vote is not binding.

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From now until the vote, Broadsheet is committed to providing you with all the information we can to support the movement, from details of public rallies, to helping your workplace or industry play a part. It’s time Australia joined the 30 countries that have already legitimised marriage equality. Let’s put this to bed.