As you’ve likely heard by now, yesterday Facebook blocked publishers and people in Australia from sharing local and international news on its platform. This means you will no longer see posts from Broadsheet, or any other publisher, in your Facebook newsfeed. The 504,000 Australians that follow Broadsheet’s Facebook pages can no longer access our articles there, nor share links to Broadsheet, or any other news publisher, among their Facebook friends.

Facebook made this dramatic decision in response to the government’s News Media Bargaining Code, which is passing through parliament. The code, which Broadsheet fully supports, seeks to address the monopolistic power Facebook and Google exert over the advertising and media industries.

While this move is frustrating for independent publishers like us, Facebook will not be missed.

We’ve always sought to reach you, our readers, wherever you may be. We couldn’t ignore Facebook in its heyday. We had to slot our posts into the newsfeed dozens of times a day, hoping to reach those of you who were interested. And, like all publishers, we played by Facebook’s undisclosed and frequently changing rules – the notorious newsfeed algorithm.

All that’s behind us now. We much prefer talking to you directly, without a gatekeeper controlling what you do and don’t see from us. If you used to arrive at Broadsheet by following links on Facebook, we encourage you to sign up to our newsletter instead, to get the best of Broadsheet delivered directly to your inbox.

Facebook is gone, but Broadsheet is not. We’re excited to keep sharing with you. We’ll continue exploring and celebrating Australia: eating at local restaurants, discovering bands, visiting art exhibitions, shopping emerging fashion labels, and speaking with the people that make it all happen. We’ll keep you informed and entertained. We’ll improve your daily life, and keep you engaged with local culture in a meaningful way.

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See you around town.

Nick Shelton
Broadsheet founder and publisher