If you’re like us, you can’t believe how much the world has changed in the space of a week. And if you’re like us, you’re probably heartbroken by the way our cities and their people have been hit.

Broadsheet is a publication inextricably linked to getting people out into those cities, and right now that’s something a lot of you don’t feel like doing. But we’re founded on enriching people’s lives and sharing the best cultural experiences our cities have to offer. And that doesn’t change, even if the world looks different right now.

For the moment those experiences may not involve dining at your favourite restaurant or going to the theatre or swimming at your local pool. But they might involve takeaway from those same diners, live-streaming performances by world-class orchestras or taking your self-isolation station to the wilderness.

As always, we're chatting with some of the country’s most thought-provoking, inspiring and influential figures to tell these stories. We’re speaking to top chefs about the pantry staples they’ve got at home right now, and the recipes they’re making with them. We’re talking to Mat Pember, the bestselling author and founder of Little Veggie Patch Co, about using the extra time at home to finally start that veggie garden. We’re asking experts to tell us about “mindfulness in the time of coronavirus”. And we’re speaking to Australia’s biggest names about the podcasts, books and shows they’re loading up on right now. And if you just want to get out of town, we’re going to be sharing some peaceful spots to visit too.

We’re also preparing for the country’s restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries and entertainment venues to spring back to life – because like us, you’ll be raring to go out again, and they’ll be raring to welcome us all back. And in the meantime, more than ever, we need to support the local businesses and industries that make our cities so great – even if we’re doing that from inside our homes.

For 10 years and counting, we’ve been covering Australia’s world-class hospitality businesses and the wonderful people that make them tick. We were there when their venues were just a concept, we were there when they signed the lease, and we were there when they opened, innovated, expanded and hit a speed bump. And we’ll be here when they bounce back.

Our mission is to enrich the cultural lives of you, our readers. Times are a little strange right now, but that mission doesn’t change. Because culture never stops.

Katya Wachtel, editorial director and Nick Shelton, publisher