It’s hard to keep up with the rising – and falling – costs of fruit and veg right now. Back in June, lettuce was selling for $10; now it’s $2.50. Baby spinach, wombok and cauliflower have all risen in price this year following the floods, and with inflation going up it’s likely more grocery items will be impacted too. So it’s welcome news that one of the big supermarkets has made a move to lock in prices for some of its essential items.

Coles, in a bid to appeal to our need for some stability right now, has reduced the prices of around 500 products in-store and online – and it’s locking in the prices of 1168 more items until at least January 31, 2023.

That includes some of its own brand items, such as self-raising flour at $2 and Coles Pacific Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil at $4. The price freeze also applies to Coles free-range eggs, shredded Tasty cheese, Cadbury milk chocolate, tins of diced tomatoes, pasta packs, chicken stock, long grain rice and household items like dishwasher tablets and Ajax Spray N Wipe.

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“We will not only be publishing the prices of locked products, but also letting our customers know how long they can depend on that price,” said Coles chief executive of commercial and express Leah Weckert in a statement.