An Australian clothing-hire business specialising in high-end designers has admitted to renting a fake Dior skirt to Instagram influencer Steph Claire Smith. The business Borrow My Balmain was called out by the Instagram account Diet Prada, which is run by an anonymous fashion insider who calls out industry copycats.

In the 24 hours since Diet Prada posted about Borrow My Balmain, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Chloe Maggs has been revealed as the business owner. Following the drama, Borrow My Balmain switched its account to private and has since released a statement to its 11,000 followers.

Borrow My Balmain says it bought the Dior skirt in question from a stylist, not from eBay as Diet Prada has alleged. The business announced it will take legal action against the stylist and assured followers its inventory is authentic and mostly purchased from retailers such as Net-a-Porter.

Smith yesterday posted an Instagram story stating she was not aware the Dior skirt she wore was fake. “Common [sic] guys get real. It was certainly an honest mistake and certainly not mine or [my stylist’s] fault if true. Please stop being mean on my post, I loved the outfit and didn’t realise it was a fake.”

Aspiring insta-thots, BEWARE! Australian account @borrowmybalmain has been purchasing fake @Dior from @ebay and renting it out as the real thing for profit.  Have local Aussie influencers @chloemaggs and @stephclairesmith been duped or have they willingly participated in their endor$ement?  We're thinking the latter.  Just look at that janky ass embroidered sun with googly eyes 👀!...not so exemplary of the skilled petit mains of the world's most storied couture house.  BTW @vogueaustralia, you should probably take your post of Chloe in the knockoff down! #dior #christiandior #borrowmybalmain #vogue #vogueaustralia #blogger #influencer #chloemaggs #stephclairesmith #couture #embroidery #knockoff #copycat #dietprada #petitmain #mariagraziachiuri

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