Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but most of the ones you see on television tend to look alike. They’ll usually be a labrador, a golden retriever or maybe, in rare cases, some sort of setter (and they’ll almost always be a puppy). And there’s nothing wrong with that – but it would be nice to see some dog diversity on our TV screens.

Ivory Coat thinks so. The Sydney-based pet food company, which uses locally sourced meats and no artificial preservatives, is looking for the star of its next big TV campaign – and it wants your dog to apply (although you might have to fill out the application form). And, per the casting call, it’s after “a mix of breeds and crossbreeds of all ages and walks of life.” (Finally – someone tackling the rampant ageism in the dog-television world.)

So, if you’ve always thought your dog was one well-lit Instagram post away from its A Star is Born moment, now’s the time to find out.

If your doggo is successful it’ll be the face of Ivory Coat’s next campaign. Plus, it’ll get one-on-one studio time with a professional photographer, so you’ll receive a portrait of your canine celebrity to display proudly in your home. And you’ll get a year’s supply of Ivory Coat dog food.

To enter, your dog will need to be: Sydney-based (or available for a shoot in Sydney between July 17 and 19); currently eating Ivory Coat food; able to obey basic commands like “sit” and “stay”. It must also have a friendly temperament.

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