When you get in an Uber, do you ignore the driver? Have you ever had a vom without saying sorry? If you’re the kind of passenger who says yes to those questions you could be at risk of walking home.

Uber is updating its community guidelines later this month and the big change is that riders with a low rating could be kicked off the service.

From September 19 riders who fall below a “minimum average rating” will receive several notifications encouraging them to improve their rating; failure to do so will see the rider lose access to the service. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald Uber’s minimum average rating in Australia is four stars.

Ways you could see your rating go down are laid out in the community guidelines and include not respecting the driver or your fellow passengers space or property, using offensive language and breaking local laws.

So basically don’t sit in the driver’s lap while tagging on their dashboard. Be a good human and say thanks for the free bottle of water, it’s pretty easy really.

Uber’s full community guidelines can be found here.