Get ready for another round of confused parents trying to decipher their millennial kids’ coded messages. The 2019 batch of emojis is just around the corner.

In March, 230 new emojis will be at your fingertips. There are 59 new base designs with 171 variations for gender and skin tone adding up to 230 total new emojis.

Snacks being added to your message arsenal include an oyster in what looks like ’80s airbrush art, onion, garlic, a block of butter and a couple of brown blobs masquerading as falafels, which could just as easily be baked potatoes. The winner, though, has to be the waffle topped with a perfect little knob of butter.

The animal kingdom gets a long overdue addition in the form of a sloth emoji – a beatific little chiller hanging from a tree with a lazy smile. Other highlights include a superior looking otter, a guide dog and a bemused orangutan.

There’s also a win for inclusivity in this round, with hearing aids, white walking canes, wheelchairs and a thumbs-up-giving bionic arm. Cue an all-emoji recreation of the final scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Emoji 12.0 is due for release in March 2019. Check out the full range here.