A bald man, a bald woman, a kangaroo, superheros, supervillans and a mango are just some of the emojis you'll have in your messaging arsenal when Emoji 11.0 rolls out later this year.

An influx of 157 new emojis has been announced - well, technically only 77, it's 157 with skin-colour variations - bringing the total emoji count to 2823.

Also to-be-released are hot and cold faces, woozy and pleading faces, anatomy and miscellaneous science lab objects, a fire extinguisher, toilet paper roll and a sponge.

The culinary emoji communicators will be excited to hear they will soon be able to send a bagel, lettuce, salt and a cupcake, too.

Mark Davis, the president of the governing body behind emoji, Unicode, says we can expect them on our phones in the second half of 2018.

See the full list here.