It's that sale time of year again, everyone. The bit before Christmas (but after the first burst of summery weather where you buy every single strappy dress in existence, full price) where labels drop prices and our credit cards squeal with anxiety.

But, if you play it right the pre-Christmas sales can really pay off. Especially when it comes to big ticket items like furniture and mattresses. Take Ecosa for example - the Australian brand known for its bed-in-a-box mattress and other affordable bedding items is doing a strong 25 per cent off for the next few days. That's a big discount for big ticket stuff.

For example, you can score a Queen mattress for around $250 less than full price. If you want the matching bed frame, you'll save an extra $300.

Other items on sale? Bamboo bed linen, memory foam pillows, silk pillowcases and weighted blankets. If you're keen though you'll need to hurry - the 25 per cent off sale is only running until November 11.

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