Sarah and Tim Ford’s first collection of serving boards and trivets were made with timber from ’70s-era library counters. Other collections they’ve created – under the banner TS Makers – have been crafted using wood from construction sites and reclaimed timber yards.

While the materials they use might be preloved, the products they create are anything but rustic – there are serving boards shaped like undulating waves, and modernist arch trivets (for hot dishes) made from Australian mountain ash inlaid with geometric mahogany strips and circles. These are pieces you’ll want to keep in your kitchen for a long time.

“We both love classic minimal pieces and believe in buying less, but better, with a focus on sustainability, so our products reflect that,” Sarah tells Broadsheet. “Using reclaimed [and] recycled materials is a big part of it for us, and making products that will be part of peoples’ mealtimes for years to come is something we truly enjoy.”

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TS Makers, which was founded in August 2019, takes its name from the duo’s initials. Tim has a background in carpentry and cabinet-making, while Sarah has worked in photography, retail and product curation for several years. Sarah comes up with the shapes for the products – which can weigh up to 2.5 kilograms – and Tim turns her vision into reality. Each piece is hand-sanded and sealed with food-grade mineral oil or tung oil (derived from the tung tree, which grows predominantly in China).

The couple uses durable Australian hardwoods such as maple, spotted gum, jarrah and teak.

“When it comes to sourcing it’s either famine or feast, so you have to be willing to put it aside as you find it,” says Sarah. “We’re constantly on the lookout, ready to grab beautiful pieces for next or future ranges. The likelihood of us finding the same timbers again is usually slim to none – even if we do, the colour or quality will always be different – so each range is limited edition and once those timbers are gone, they’re gone.”

The Fords have recently released their autumn–winter ’20 range, which includes an arch-shaped serving board made from jarrah and inlaid with a circle of mahogany, and coasters in maple and jarrah. Previous bestsellers, including the Squiggle serving board (shaped like an elongated S) and the Round serving board, are back in different timber variations, such as maple, mahogany and spotted gum.

Because each piece is made by hand from reclaimed timber, no two boards, trivets or coasters are the same.

You can also add a Sabre cheese knife (imported from France) to your order – the vintage style complements the timeless shapes and lines of the boards.