The Reliquia spiral hoops were pretty much a trend in and of themselves a couple of years ago. It seemed like every Australian under 35 owned a pair.

The cult earrings kickstarted a national obsession with Reliquia, which is now part of Reliquia Collective – six respected labels created by Sydney-based Ana Piteira.

The latest in her stable? Aeyre Home, a collection of vintage-inspired lifestyle pieces. Think polished brass incense holders and the ’70s glassware you’ve forever been trawling local op shops for.

“I was interested to see how these labels might translate into the home,” Piteira says. “Aeyre is the manifestation of the accessory and clothing brands as a lifestyle offering.”

The designer has also released a collection of organic, Japanese-made incense scents such as patchouli and sage, using muted hues to complement the effortlessly chic brass holders.

The two soy-blend candles were made right here in Australia in collaboration with local makers, and the glass vessel is designed to be used after burning as a display piece.

Glass is a particular passion point for Ana at the moment.

“I really love coloured glass, so I am particularly fond of the upcoming glass vessels and glasses,” she says. “There is so much opportunity and diversity in terms of how these pieces can be styled into our living spaces, whether they’re artfully placed on a coffee table, adding colour to the bathroom, or used for practicality.”

The incense, holders and candles are available now. Resin pieces, including coasters, will be landing on site in September, with glassware slated for an October release. Towards the end of the year, Aeyre Home will also be releasing a collection of coloured bath towels and tablecloths.